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Tu Carrera Primero: Masterclass for Launching your Professional Space Career

May 20th - May 24th Register Now!


The Space Career Masterclass is a 5-day program meticulously designed to empower participants with the tools and insights necessary for success in the aerospace field. This program encompasses key areas such as resume enhancement, LinkedIn personal branding, interview preparation, and leadership principles, ensuring a holistic career development experience. Participants will engage in interactive sessions with industry professionals, gaining invaluable insights into career pathways in the growing global space sector.  

Masterclass Overview:  Space Career Masterclass: A 5-day digital course offering an in-depth exploration of the aerospace job-search process, from crafting compelling resumes to mastering the interview process. 


Curriculum Highlights: Specialized workshops on resume optimization for aerospace professionals, LinkedIn branding and networking within the space industry, comprehensive interview preparation, and leadership principles tailored for aerospace team success.  


Addressing Key Challenges:  Preparing candidates with the skills needed for Puerto Rico's space infrastructure and industry development. "Work abroad, learn and bring back the skills to the Island"  


Skills Acquired:  Advanced communication and body language techniques. Leadership principles applicable in aerospace settings. Effective personal branding and networking strategies. Mastery of LinkedIn and resume construction. Strategic preparation for interviews.



Guiding your career path with expert resume crafting and masterful interview coaching.

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