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About Puerto Rico Space Foundation

Turning Interest into Action

The Puerto Rico Space Foundation (PRSF) was born out of the aspiration to establish an educational and entrepreneurial environment dedicated to the space industry in Puerto Rico. Its primary goals are to develop the leading space hub in the Caribbean, by establishing educational space programs, encouraging the retention of local talent on the island and fostering the coordination and promotion of all space-related initiatives in Puerto Rico and the wider Caribbean region.  We firmly believe that the vast expanse of space harbors endless potential to empower both individuals and communities.

At Puerto Rico Space Foundation, we believe in the power of community. Since our establishment in 2023, we have been dedicated to making a positive impact through our Non-Profit Organization. We support, empower, and drive progress in our society, and understand that addressing today's challenges requires innovative problem-solvers who bring diverse perspectives and are willing to take risks. Puerto Rico Space Foundation was born out of a desire to inspire and uplift our community, and we strive to make actions speak louder than words. Join us in our journey towards a better future.

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