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MMAARS In-Person Analog Astronautics Mission

Discover a unique opportunity presented by the Puerto Rico Space Foundation with MMAARS In-Person Analog Astronautics. Immerse yourself in real-time simulations at specifically chosen Isolated Confined Environments (I.C.E.) like the Mojave Desert, Nepal, and Everest Basecamp. Our carefully curated missions, categorized by training levels, complexities, and risk factors, offer participants hands-on experiences with cutting-edge technologies such as 3D Printing, telemedicine, VRAR, UAVs, and Robotics. Join us on this exceptional journey and become a crucial part of reshaping the future of Puerto Rico's communities.

Space Medicine and Healthcare Enhancement

The astronaut training's focus on space medicine, including advanced practices like robotic surgery and teleanesthesia, holds great promise for Puerto Rico's healthcare sector. These cutting-edge medical techniques can revolutionize remote healthcare delivery, particularly in rural areas, enhancing access to medical services and potentially addressing the shortage of medical professionals.

Mental Health and Physical Wellness

The program's emphasis on space health and wellness, including the psychological aspects of long-duration missions, can offer valuable lessons in mental health care. These insights are crucial for a community still recovering from natural disasters, providing strategies to enhance mental resilience and overall well-being.

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Perhaps the most directly relevant aspect of the training is the focus on sustainable food systems like hydroponics and vertical farming. Given Puerto Rico's challenges with food security and sustainable agriculture, these practices offer innovative solutions to produce food locally and sustainably.

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