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sáb, 29 jun


Zoom, Slack and WhatsApp

Cohort 3: MMAARS - PRSF Virtual Academy Analog Astronautics Program

Tailored for the Puerto Rico Space Foundation and its communities, this modified multi-level curriculum provide comprehensive analog astronautics training. Successful completion of the virtual training is required to apply for the in-person mission at Mojave, California.

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Cohort 3: MMAARS - PRSF Virtual Academy Analog Astronautics Program
Cohort 3: MMAARS - PRSF Virtual Academy Analog Astronautics Program

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29 jun 2024, 11:00 a. m. – 3:00 p. m. GMT-4

Zoom, Slack and WhatsApp

Acerca del evento

The PRSF-MMAARS Virtual Academy Analog Astronautics Program is designed to be adaptable and easily accessible. Delivered remotely through online teleconferencing platforms like Zoom, the program ensures flexibility for all participants. The curriculum is highly interactive, equipping individuals for potential selection into an MMAARS Low Fidelity Analog Astronaut missions. This initiative also provides participants with opportunities to connect and network with a diverse team of professional experts and trained astronauts.

Modified Astronautics LEVEL 1 Training Program:

Introduction to MMAARS and Analog Astronautics. Explore Astronautics, Analog Types, Architecture of an Analog Mission, Remote Teams, Crew Selection. Introduction to Astronaut Psychology and Wellness, featuring topics like meditation and body mapping. Introduction to Space Medicine, featuring topics like Robotic Surgery (AvatarMEDIC) and Space Teleanesthesia-Telesurgery, as well as unmmaned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Introduction to 3D Printing.

Learn about 3D Printing, its applications in space, and its role in Medical Tools and Life Support Systems. Discover Space Health & Wellness, including the MMAARS Astro-Wellness Program and Space Psychology & Human Factors.

Introduction to Extravehicular Activities (E.V.A.)

Get acquainted with E.V.A. and EVA Protocols, HabCom & Communications, Spacesuit Donning & Doffing Protocol, MMAARS Medical EVA, Geological EVA, and Astronomical EVA.

Introduction to Space Foundries, Pharmacy, and Biomedical Engineering

Delve into Space Pharmaceuticals, Plant Medicine, and Biotechnology Fundamentals.  Explore DIY Hydroponic & Vertical Garden Systems, Synthetic Biology, Space Food Sustainability, Nutrition & Diet. Learn the basics of Bioengineering techniques, including the future of medical pharmaceuticals and Tissue Chips, Molecular Therapeutics, and Precision Medicine.

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