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The First Cohort of PRSF-MMAARS Virtual Level One Analog Astronautics Training Achieves Impressive Outcomes; Cohort 2 registration is now open.

Puerto Rico Space Foundation (PRSF) in collaboration with California based Mars-Moon Astronautic Academy &  Research Science (MMAARS) celebrated the graduation of the First Cohort of PRSF-MMAARS Virtual Level One Analog Astronautics Training.

The First Cohort of PRSF-MMAARS Virtual Level One Analog Astronautics Training Achieves Impressive Outcomes: 13 out of 15 participants completed the virtual analog astronaut training. Distinguished among them, select participants were awarded scholarships for the next phase of their journey— the in-person analog astronaut training at the MMAARS Mojave Desert Base Camp in California. This accomplishment is a prerequisite for advancing to the immersive, hands-on training phase.

For those aspiring to experience the life and work of an analog astronaut, PRSF is now accepting applications for Cohort 2, with the application window closing on March 9, 2024. Don't miss this unique opportunity to embark on a transformative space exploration journey

PRSF-MMAARS Virtual Level One Analog Astronautics Training Program and MMAARS In-Person Analog Astronaut Missions are crafted to replicate the conditions and trials of space travel and habitation on celestial bodies like the Moon and Mars. Embracing an interdisciplinary approach, this program is tailored for our future workforce, encompassing a wide array of space-related disciplines that transcend traditional space exploration boundaries. Participants will gain invaluable insights and hands-on experience with astronaut mission protocols, habitat life support systems and equipment.

This initiative offers an unprecedented opportunity for students, professionals, PhD candidates, researchers, and citizen-scientists to immerse themselves in the evolving realm of astronautics training. The dawn of a new space age beckons to all, inviting exploration and discovery beyond imagination.

This 6-day Virtual Level One Analog Astronautics Training Program is designed to prepare participants for the harsh, remote, Isolated and Confined Environments ( I.C.E.). Participants that successfully pass the virtual training program have the opportunity to apply to the first all-Puerto Rican Analog Astronaut Crew. The virtual training prepares the participants for various duration simulations in various I.C.E. locations, such as the Mojave Desert, California, the high altitudes of Nepal, Himalayas, and the extreme conditions at Mount Everest base camp. 

Key Details of the Virtual Level One Analog Astronautics Training Program:

  • Duration: Intensive 6-day program

  • Dates (March 2024): 

  • Wednesday 13th (7 PM-9 PM) / Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th (1 PM-5 PM)

  • Wednesday 20th (7 PM-9 PM) / Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th (1 PM-5 PM)

  • Participant Requirements: Must be over 18 years of age

  • Registration Deadline: 7 PM AST, March 9th, 2024

  • Tuition: $75 per participant

The curriculum offers an interactive, immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of virtual learning and skills development. Trainees will not only gain knowledge but will also get a taste of the physical, psychological and physiological demands faced by astronauts in their pursuit of space exploration and science.

  • Introduction to MMAARS and Analog Astronautics Introduction to Astronautics, Analog Types, Architecture of an Analog Mission, Remote Teams, Crew Selection 

  • Introduction to Space Medicine / Space Medics: Introduces Space Medicine, Robotic Surgery (AvatarMEDIC), Space Tele Anesthesia-Telesurgery, UAV

  • Introduction to 3D Printing: Introduces 3D Printing, 3D Printing for Space, 3D Printing for Medical Tools and Life Support Systems

  • Introduction to Space Health & Wellness: Introduces Space Health, MMAARS Astro-Wellness Program, Space Psychology & Human Factors

  • Introduction to Extravehicular Activities (E.V.A.): Introduces E.V.A and EVA Protocols, HabCom & Communications, Spacesuit Donning & Doffing Protocol, MMAARS Medical EVA, Geological EVA, Astronomical EV

  • Introduction to Space Foundries, Pharmacy and Biomedical Engineering: Introduces Space Pharmaceuticals and Plant Medicine and Biotechnology Fundamentals 

  • Introduction to DIY Hydroponic & Vertical Garden Systems: Synthetic Biology, Space Food Sustainability, Nutrition & Diet

  • Introduction to basics of Bioengineering techniques: Future of medical pharmaceuticals and Tissue Chips, Molecular Therapeutics, Precision Medicine

This educational opportunity is open to everyone with diverse professions looking to expand their horizons and partake in something truly extraordinary. The PRSF is accepting applications from interested candidates from Puerto Rico, encouraging diversity and inclusion in the developing field of human space travel and commerce.

Do not miss out on the chance to be part of the future of the space industry. Embrace this unique experience and step into the shoes of astronauts who push the frontiers of human knowledge and endurance.

For registration and more information visit:

About the Puerto Rico Space Foundation

The Puerto Rico Space Foundation is committed to propelling Puerto Rico and the Caribbean into a new era of scientific discovery and technological advancement by leveraging space exploration and innovation.


Mars-Moon Astronautic Academy and Research Science (MMAARS) is the vanguard of analog astronautics training since 2014 and is at the forefront of preparing humans for the demands of interplanetary travel. The vision of MMAARS is to develop cutting edge innovations and new strategies and integrating exponential technologies that will be essential for successful multi-planetary settlements.

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