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Breaking Barriers and Achieving Milestones: Celebrating Success at Yuri's Night by PRSF


Our first year! On behalf of everyone at the Puerto Rico Space Foundation (PRSF), I want to express our heartfelt thanks for your generous contributions during Yuri's Night. Your enthusiasm and dedication are vital to advancing our mission and vision, enhancing space education and fostering innovation. See our Yuri's Night Presentation.

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The PRSF is on a mission to propel Puerto Rico and the Caribbean into a new era of scientific discovery and technological advancement through space exploration and commerce. Our vision is to transform our region into a renowned Caribbean Space Hub, where innovation, technology, education, and exploration converge to elevate us to the forefront of the global space community.

Your contributions play a critical role in our ongoing projects. The funds raised are earmarked for several vital educational initiatives:

  • Microgravity Laboratories for K-12: $30,000 will help us provide schools, professors and young students with the tools and equipment to experiment with and understand microgravity (and the space environment in general), nurturing a new generation of scientists and engineers.

  • Fun Fact: Did you know that 80% of the experiments conducted on the International Space Station focus on bioscience and biotechnology? Interestingly, these fields are also the largest contributors to Puerto Rico’s GDP. This presents a unique opportunity to merge our thriving pharmaceutical sector with space research, paving the way for accelerated and enhanced drug discovery and health innovations.

  • Analog Astronautics Academy: With $50,000, we aim to offer hands-on astronaut training and research opportunities, preparing our participants for future careers in space exploration and commerce. This program also equips them to address various needs in Puerto Rico across multiple fields, utilizing their skills to innovate and provide solutions that can enhance the quality of life and resilience of our community.

  • Fun Fact: Analog missions are pivotal in space research, as they simulate Isolated and Confined Environments (ICEs). These simulations enable us to study human behavior in extreme conditions, craft survival strategies for harsh environments, and expand our skills across diverse disciplines. The expertise gained from these missions has broad and practical applications in various sectors. They can enhance medical practices, advance disaster preparedness through improved energy and water management, address social isolation in the elderly, and foster agricultural innovations that minimize environmental impacts while enhancing global food security.

  • Fund for Student Clubs: $20,000 will support extracurricular clubs that engage students in robotics, rocketry, astronomy, astronautics and other STEM fields, ensuring continuous learning and passion for space.

  • Fun Fact: Puerto Rico boasts over seven aerospace-related student clubs and annual projects, many of which have clinched first place in their respective contests, despite operating with limited resources. It's time we amplify their potential by providing the support they deserve!

These programs are designed to foster local talent and encourage students and participants to pursue careers in the burgeoning space sector right here in Puerto Rico.

To help us reach our overall goal of $100,000, we need your continued support. Please consider sharing our mission with your networks and encourage them to contribute to this cause. Every donation brings us closer to making Puerto Rico a pivotal player in the global space community. Access the donation page via our website or send us an email to coordinate alternate donation methods. 

Once again, we thank you for your commitment to advancing space education in Puerto Rico. Your support not only propels our mission forward but also ignites the dreams of the next generation.

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