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Impacting Our Communities

Our commitment is to elevate Puerto Rico as a significant contributor to the global space economy. We aim to establish a resilient and purpose-driven innovation ecosystem, serving as a catalyst for the workforce and economic development of Puerto Rico, while serving our communities.

Transforming Puerto Rico's Communities Through AstronauticsTraining

The initiative the Puerto Rico Space Foundation in collaboration with Mars-Moon Astronautic Academy & Research Sciences (MMAARS) is focused on astronautics training. The program emerges as a catalyst for community transformation across Puerto Rico.


This comprehensive program, spanning diverse space-related disciplines, transcends conventional space exploration, offering insights and applications poised to positively impact various sectors on the island. From advancements in space medicine with robotic surgery and teleanesthesia promising to revolutionize healthcare access, to the innovative use of 3D printing addressing medical and infrastructure needs, the program addresses critical challenges faced by Puerto Rico. Moreover, its emphasis on mental health and wellness provides valuable strategies for a community recovering from natural disasters, while practical skills in emergency response and environmental conservation contribute to more efficient protocols.


The focus on sustainable agriculture directly addresses Puerto Rico's food security concerns, and the educational perspective stimulates interest in space science, fostering educational tourism and contributing to the emerging space tourism sector. In essence, this astronaut training program serves as a dynamic tool for holistic community development, delivering state-of-the-art technologies, innovative practices, and transformative approaches to education and mental health that collectively enhance the social and economic fabric of Puerto Rico's communities.


It encapsulates not just an exploration of space but a commitment to bringing the tangible benefits of space exploration down to Earth, enriching the lives of the people of Puerto Rico.

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